S3.2 Specimen Spotlight


Mr Paul Mayer1, Patricia Coorough Burke2

1The Field Museum, Chicago, United States, 2Milwaukee Public Museum, Milwaukee, USA

We are looking for short, lightning-round type talks on one special specimen in your collection. Something that has an amazing story to tell. Why that specimen is your favorite or is critical to science or education. Why does it matter? Why is it important? What makes it important? What work have you done on it? This is a new idea so please be creative and if you have an idea try it and please feel free to email me any questions you might have.

Please consider giving one of these presentations and a regular abstract. If you have never given an abstract or this is your first SPNHC meeting please consider giving a specimen spotlight as a great way to introduce yourself to SPNHC.

Talks will be limited to 5 minutes and just 1 slide. The audio will be recorded and available on online with your image.

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