S7.3 Sharing Sensitive Species Data in a Digital World: Where are we, and where do we need to go?


Dr Matthew Pace1

1The New York Botanical Garden, Bronx, United States

This symposium, funded as part of a US NSF TCN digitization grant (, will focus on how museums, natural history collections, living collections, and citizen scientists platforms share digital location and collection information relating to sensitive species or other objects (e.g.: endangered species, species coveted by hobbyists, fossils, etc.).

We are interested in having as many collection types as possible involved in this symposium.

This symposium will discuss

1) methods and standards for data sharing,

2) cases where data were used nefariously and how this was dealt with within the community,

3) examples where data redaction was either harmful or helpful to research,

4) how are decisions made regarding obscuring coordinate data.

Ultimately, we will be publishing a White Paper report with recommendations to the collections community on best practices for sharing sensitive data.

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