S5.3 Embedding Scotland’s natural history collections into the heart of the UK’s biological recording community


Ms Rachel Tierney1, Ms Jo Judge2

1SBIF, Edinburgh , United Kingdom, 2NBN Trust, Nottingham


We need to find ways to increase synergies between museum collections and data users to maximise the impact of biological records, both digital and physical.

Through improving the biological recording infrastructure in Scotland, the SBIF Review is exploring ways to raise the profile of, and support for, biological recording, including recognising the importance of natural history collections. The Review recognises museums and botanic gardens as ‘Super Partners’; providing expertise and reach that is simply not possible to deliver through a proposed national and regional hub network alone. They motivate and facilitate the public to take part in biological recording and connect new audiences. Provision of critical reference collections and expert verification networks improves data quality and the value of our data holdings in Scotland

The Review is seeking funding for these Super Partners to ensure that the essential services, tools and datasets provided by them are sustainably funded, openly available and aligned with a shared technical roadmap.

This symposium will offer an opportunity to provide an update on the implementation of the SBIF Review vision in Scotland and demonstrate the power of partnership. We suggest this being run in partnership with SBIF Advisory Group members, including NBN Trust and local recording groups. Additional topics could include showcasing recently development of the NBN Atlas platforms and integrating local recording groups to demonstrate how they use collections for verification and training.

We need to work together to ensure digital resources such as museum collections are joined up to facilitate new insights which enable Scotland to lead the world in using technology to safeguard its biodiversity.

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