S4.4 MIDS and MICS: Minimum information out of digitisation


Dr Elspeth Haston¹, Alex Hardisty², Dr Wouter Addink³, Dr Quentin Groom4, Dr Mareike Petersen5
¹Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, ²Cardiff University, Cardiff, United Kingdom, ³ Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Leiden, Netherlands, 4Botanic Garden Meise, Meise, Belgium, 5Museum fur Naturkunde Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Information on the state of digitisation within an institute is essential for efficient curation and budget management of a collection. It also helps decision-makers at all levels to evaluate a collection’s importance. Yet there are no guidelines for which data should be gathered and in what format. The Minimum Information about a Digital Specimen (MIDS) and the Minimum Information about a Digital Collection (MICS) specifications define the expected and optional information elements that are recommended to be present when publishing digitised information about specimens and collections respectively at various levels of digitisation. This symposium will present work accomplished so far and explore how adopting minimum information standards can help to improve the quality of published collections data.

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