S4.3 Rethinking the use of collections for social inclusion


Ms Dorit Wolenitz1

1Icom Nathist, Ramat-gan, Israel


The role of museums is changing rapidly. Nowadays, museums are not just knowledge and educational institutions, but are also taking on social, economic, cultural and environmental responsibilities. This is part of a movement away from the classical elitist museum towards socially inclusive and democratic cultural institutions that seek to be relevant for more different kinds of people.

Science and technology collections have historically often reflected triumph and progress and allowing collections to keep up with rapid change and the growing need for social inclusion is not easy. What is the role of collections in contemporary science, technology and natural history museum practice? How do we develop new approaches in order to engage more kinds of citizens in our subject and our institutions?

This was a session in 2019 ECSITE conference in Copenhagen and is an important issue for Natural History museums

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