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We invite you to be a sponsor of the joint meeting of the Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections (SPNHC) and the International Council of Museums Committee for Museums and Collections of Natural History (ICOM NATHIST) will take place from the 7th – 13th June 2020 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

This 2020 conference brings together for the first time two large international organisations dedicated to natural science collections: SPNHC and ICOM NATHIST. ICOM NATHIST consists of a network of 400 institutions and individuals in more than 100 countries. This network provides a forum and point of contact for all those who work in nature and science focused museums with a responsibility for, or affinity with, natural history collections as well as those who work in institutions with related aims, including zoological and wildlife parks, botanical gardens, aquaria, nature centres, paleontological and geological sites, etc.

ICOM NATHIST supports the collection, preservation, research and interpretation of diverse biological, paleontological and geological collections, the scientific study of the world’s natural heritage and natural environments, and the engagement of schools and the broader public in these and related subjects. SPNHC is an international society whose mission is to improve the preservation, conservation and management of natural history collections to ensure their continuing value to society. These include not just specimens, but also supporting documentation, such as audio-visual materials, labels, library materials, field data and similar archives. Founded in 1985, SPNHC has since grown into an international organisation with a global membership of collections care professionals numbering 600.


Please contact our Secretariat via naturalhistory2020@in-conference.org.uk
to receive a copy of the sponsorship and exhibition prospectus

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